Saturday, September 29, 2012

O Pioneers!!! - Neon Creeps

Genre: Punk/Folk Punk/Orgcore
Year: 2009

1. Saved By The Bell Was A Super Good Show
2. The Architect Of Disney World
3. Dead City Sound
4. 9 AM Everyday
5. My Life As A Morrissey Song
6. Stressing The Fuck Out
7. I Have A Major Weightlifting Problem
8. Chris Ryan Added Me On Facebook
9. I So Told You So
10. Cool Kid City

These guys are incredibly catchy. I don't really know what to describe their sound as so I just looked up what genre they are. The best thing about them though are the lyrics. Kind of uplifting at times but at the same time pretty sad and easy to relate to. I've been listening to this release a lot recently so I decided to upload it. These guys don't get enough attention and i'm sure the majority of people would enjoy them 
-Jacob Rice

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