Sunday, September 16, 2012


Album: Destroy Everything. Worship Nothing.
Genre: Thrash/Hardcore/Crust
Year: 2009

1. Pick A Coffin
2. Overtime In A Shark Cage
3. Pawnshop St. Christopher
4. Heathen Son In The Eyes Of Blood
5. Oblivion and Utopia
6. Blackest of Voids
7. Dust
8. Crooked Teeth
9. Drop Out and Destroy
10. Praying For Plague
11. Gods Forgotten Children
12. More Fire
13. Blood of Pigs
14. The Masters Have Poisoned The Slaves

Album: Gravestone Skylines
Year: 2010

1. Funeral Drenched
2. Desperate & Violent
3. Resist Control
4. Hands Like Spiders
5. The Sun Is Dying
6. Amen, Assholes
7. Spitting Blood & Teeth
8. Conceived of Shit
9. Valley of Armageddon
10. Tragedy of A City
11. Exodus
12. Lions
13. Vultures & Crows
14. The Calling Part I
15. The Calling Part II

This is an awesome crossover band from Detroit. I've been listening to these dudes since they released Destroy Everything Worship Nothing back in 2009. These guys play some high energy and anger filled thrashy hardcore. The lyrics are on the political side, as well as on the against religion sometimes. Sometimes they skew off to random subjects such as violence etc. Either way, these guys are really solid and brought something new to the table and will hopefully continue to once they release a new full length. -Jacob Rice

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