Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Deer Leap - Here. Home.

Genre: Emo/Post Rock
Year: 2012

1. Here
2. Not Penny's Boat
3. Walls Became The World Around Us
4. Home
5. What Is Dead May Never Die
6. We're All Liars Here
7. And Every One Of Us Better Than You
8. (Take Time)
9. The White Lodge

Thank god for bandcamp, I found these guys just by randomly searching around on it. These guys are great, this release is bringing something new to the table in my opinion. Its like The World Is... and Moving Mountains had a baby and it turned into this just beautiful post rock emo baby. This things starts out strong and ends very strong. Get this one PS. You can go buy the album on Bandcamp and support them 
-Jacob Rice

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