Sunday, September 9, 2012

Courtesy Drop - What Makes This Place Worth Calling Our Home

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Genre: Emo/Indie/Hardcore
Year: 2011

1. Who I Could Have Been (Who I Never Became)
2. This Song Is About My Old Music Scene
3. NewSangWan
4. What Makes This Place Worth Calling Home
5. Tylenol And Fireball
6. Blood Of My Blood And Jam Of My Jams
7. The Good Old Days
8. High Ground, Low Expectations
9. What Makes This Place Worth Calling Our Home (Group Effort)

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Nashville, TN dudes playing honest jams. They've toured a bit around the US, and have this LP out. I've had the chance to see them twice, and play with them once. If you like this LP, then show support and pick it up, its absolutely worth the $8 they are charging, and more.
If you like Hot Water Music, Jawbreaker, Title Fight, or Polar Bear Club, you're definitely going to like this. Keep an eye on these guys.
-Jared Johnson

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