Thursday, July 26, 2012

Moving Mountains

Album: Pneuma
Genre: Post-Rock/Indie
Year: 2007

1. Aphelion
2. Cover the Roots, Lower the Stems
3. Alastika
4. Fourth
5. 8105
6. Bottom Feeder
7. Sol Solis
8. Grow On, Grow Up, Grow Out
9. The Earth and The Sun
10. Ode We Will Bury Ourselves 

Album: Foreword
Year: 2008

1. Foreword
2. With One's Heart In One's Mouth
3. Armslength
4. Lights & Shapes

Album: Waves
Year: 2011

1. My Life Is Like a Chase Dream (And I'm Still Having Chase Dreams)
2. Where Two Bodies Lie
3. Tired Tiger
4. The Cascade
5. Once Rendering
6. Always Only For Me
7. Alleviate
8. Parts In Different Places
9. Furnace Woods
10. Full Circle

Album: New Light
Year: 2012

1. Alleviate
2. Ode We Will Bury Ourselves
3. Where Two Bodies Lie
4. 8105

This band is absolutely breathtaking. The general atmosphere and instrumentation is so beautiful and its complimented by a great singer. The lyrical content is easy to relate to and is deep. Also these guys are one of the best bands ive ever seen live. If you don't have this get it. -Jacob Rice


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