Saturday, June 2, 2012


Album: Cut and Paste
Genre: Pop Punk/Emo
Year: 2010

1. Sticking Together Is What Good Waffles Do
2. That's A Cake!
4. Different Cat, Same Results
5. That's No Moon
6. Take Your Shoes Off, Thank My Mom
7. The "Z" Sealed It For Me
8. Ruth Buzzi Better Watch Her Back
9. Say What You Want About Jesse...
10. Jay's Cafe
11. Damn, Julie. Damn.

Album: Funtitled
Year: 2011

1. I Care Not
2. The Denver Broncos vs. The Denver Broncos
3. O.R. They?
4. Little Green Ghouls
5. We're Pretty Nice Guys
6. Ah Gun
7. Damn You, a Box
8. Spooky, Scary
9. Homies Where the Heart Is
10. Quite Exciting, This Computer
11. Not Good Enough, Gary
12. Joe Gallgher's Fantasy Fun Camp

Album: Exton Square
Year: 2012

1. Can I Borrow A Feeling
2. You Can't Get There From Here
3. Trembling
4. Intents and Purposes (Three Words)

Awesome pop punk band with awesome lyrics! I think everyone should give these guys a listen. Its a fun but sad time -Jacob Rice

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