Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Joyce Manor

Album: Constant Headache
Genre: Pop Punk/Indie
Year: 2010

1. Constant Nothing
2. Done Right Discount Flooring
3. Five Beer Plan
4. Chumped
5. Leather Jacket 

Album: Joyce Manor/Summer Vacation Split
Year: 2010

Summer Vacation
1. Super Orgy
2. Dont Panic
3. The Many Faces Of Mental Chillness

Joyce Manor
4. Holiday Heart
5. DFHP?
6. My Elise

Album: Joyce Manor
Year: 2011

1. Orange Julius
2. Call Out (Laundry)
3. Beach Community
4. Derailed
5. Famous Friend
6. Leather Jacket
7. 21st Dead Rats
8. Constant Nothing
9. Ashtray Petting Zoo
10. Constant Headache 

Album: Joyce Manor Big Kids Split
Year: 2011

Joyce Manor
1. New In This Light
2. Midnight Service At The Mutter Museum

Big Kids
3. Pig Through A Python

Album: Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired
Year: 2012

1. These Kinds of Ice Skates
2. Comfortable Clothes
3. See How Tame I Can Be
4. Drainage
5. Video Killed The Radio Star
6. If I Needed You There
7. Bride of Usher
8. Violent Inside
9. I'm Always Tired

I love this band so much. They are so catchy and so sad. My kind of music. My only complaint is how short the new cd is. The new cd is so perfect but like 13 minutes long. I would advise checking all this out. 
-Jacob Rice