Sunday, June 17, 2012

Act As One

Album: Bone To Be Radical
Genre: Pop Punk/Hardcore/Thrash
Year: 2010

1. Until We Die
2. Struck Out
3. The Mess You Left Me With

Album: No Looking Back
Year: 2010

1. Full Count
2. Above And Beyond
3. She's A Gravedigger
4. Switch Hitter
5. True Friends And Dead Ends
6. You've Got Red On You
7. A Starboard Story
8. No Looking Back
9. Out Of Options
10. Wait Until I'm Gone
11. Remember Tomorrow
12. Daniel Was A Player

Album: The Goodtimes
Year: 2012

1. Pick Up Or Delivery 
2. The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday
3. Truth Dog
4. That's What She Said 
5. Get A Job, Do Real Life, And Fuck Off 
6. Forgive And Forget 
7. Charlie Was A Party Ma-Sheen 
8. You Can't Take That Matt Benson Kid Anywhere 
9. The Goodtimes/Goats & Gaters [Hidden Track]

This is one of my favorite bands of this genre. So fun and so catchy. Its really hard to not like these guys. So everyone should check this out! Also these dudes have an awesome drummer. -Jacob Rice

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