Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Album: Self Titled EP
Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2005

1. Our Whole Entire Unit
2. 90266
3. Did You Just Say "Faggot"?
4. Neo Neo-Nazis (Stop F.ucking S.hit U.p)
5. I Like The Way You Look But I Don't Like You
6. Yes, Ticketmassa'
7. Stella Lost Her Grooves

Album: Anger
Year: 2006

1. We Broke The PA
2. Power Chord Blues
3. A Missed Chance For A Meaningful 
4. Gashing In
5. Half Brother, All Cop
6. My Wonder Years Never Got Cancelled
7. Breakbeat
8. Shop Till You Drop
9. War? What War?
10. The Tiki House
11. The Great Wall Of California
12. Naysayer
13. (D)anger(s)
14. We Have More Sense Than Lies

Album: Messy, Isn't It?
Year: 2010

1. Stay-At-Home Mom
2. I'll Clap When I'm Impressed
3. Pyramid of Empties
4. Save By The Buoyancy of Citrus
5. Check, Please
6. Opposable
7. Cure For Cancer
8. Cure For AIDS
9. Straight As She Wants To Be
10. Under The Affluence
11. Teenage Porno Hunter
12. Goliath
13. (Messy, Isn't It?)
14. Bottom of the 9th Ward
15. Tarantula Type
16. What Goes Up
17. No Vonneguts, No Glory
18. (Love Poem)
19. The El Segundo Blue Butterfly Habitat Preserve

Get it!

This band is perfect, so full of anger and so full of meaning. The best thing about these guys are the lyrics they are so easy to relate to and are just so well written and real, I would advise getting this no matter what. This is one of the best hardcore acts to come out recently.
-Jacob Rice

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