Thursday, April 26, 2012

Youth Of Today

Album: Can't Close My Eyes
Genre: Hardcore/Youth Crew
Year: 1985

1. Expectations
2. Crucial Times
3. I Have Faith
4. Youth Of Today
5. Take A Stand
6. Positive Outlook
7. Can't Close My Eyes
8. We Just Might
9. Youth Crew
10. Take A Stand
11. Stabbed In The Back
12. We Just Might
13. Wake Up And Live
14. Standing Hard

Album: Break Down The Walls
Year: 1986

1. Make A Change
2. Thinking Straight
3. Stabbed In The Back 
4. Take A Stand
5. Honesty 
6. One Family
7. Break Down The Walls
8. Shout It
9. Time To Forgive
10.Positive Outlook
11.Standing Hard 
12.Free At Last
13.Youth Of Today

Album: Don Fury Tape
Year: 1987

1. Make A Change
2. Together
3. Thinking Straight
4. Stabbed In The Back
5. Break Down The Walls
6. Honesty
7. One Family
8. Youth Of Today
9. Free At Last
10. Shout It
11. Expectations
12. Take A Stand
13. We Just Might
14. Positive Outlook
15. I Have Faith

Album: We're Not In This Alone
Year: 1988

1. Flame Still Burns
2. Slow Down
3. Choose to Be
4. Put It Aside
5. Wake up and Live
6. No More
7. What Goes Around
8. Potential Friends
9. Time We'll Remember, A
10. Live Free
11. Understand
12. Prejudice
13. Keep It Up 

Album: EP
Year: 1990

1. Disengage
2. Modern Love Story
3. Envy

Probably my favorite youth crew band ever.  Posted this for the anon who specified what exactly he wanted. Enjoy this post! PS. This took forever cause my internet is still down and im on some other dudes wifi and the internet speed is just horrid and shuts off constanly. It was very hard to upload the files, Any thing for this site though! -Jacob Rice


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