Friday, April 6, 2012

Bread Club

Genre: Twinkle/Emo
Year: 2012


1. Silent Treatment
2. Ballad Of Yee
3. Sparky Plays the Blues
4. Teh Punx I No
5. Metallicat
6. Day
7. Ghost of Jeff Wilson
8. Just In Case I Forgot
9. Hershel's Song
10. Bread Club Live At The Hard Rock Cafe
11. Ahnvolope
12. Peebs Is Unimpressed
13. Untitled

I was randomly on Omegle searching for people with the Facebook similar likes thing and I ran into a dude who had a bunch of similar emo band likes as me and he linked to this band which happened to be his, so I checked it out and I really like it so i'm deciding to post it here. Its a really well done twinkly emo band, and the recording quality is just amazing! You guys should check it out! -Jacob Rice

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