Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunny Day Real Estate - Diary

Genre: Emo
Year: 1994

1. Seven
2. In Circles
3. Song About An Angel
4. Round
5. 47
6. The Blankets Were The Stairs
7. Pheurton Skeurto
8. Shadows
9. 48
10. Grendel
11. Sometimes

Upped this for Twiggy, plus its a really awesome album and I would've uploaded it sooner or later, Enjoy!    -Jacob Rice


  1. Did all of the above commenters take drugs before comment? It's a bands name!!!! rofl

  2. Currently laughing at the spam comments this attracted... hah

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA, these comments are just so ridiculous, just had a great long laugh, Thanks for that! The internet is such a weird place :)
    Thanks to all the post bots for making my day and also thanks for the original creator of this blog, for posting something about my favorite Band of all time!

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