Saturday, March 31, 2012

Low Places

Album: Low Places
Genre: Hardcore/Dark Hardcore
Year: 2010

1. The Storm
2. Malcontent
3. Choir
4. Sleeping In
5. Deatched
6. The Doors Are Closing 

Album: Spirtual Treatment
Year: 2011

1. Opfer
2. Skeleton
3. Controlled Chaos
4. Crawl (Neanderthal)
5. Struggle To Exist

These dudes deserve way more recognition so I decided to post them! They are dark as fuck, evil, and heavy as fuck and sludgy. I love it, and the dudes in the band are nice and funny guys. I'm pretty sure one of the guys from the band is from Duke Nukem Forever and that band ruled so its gotta be good, Check it out
-Jacob Rice

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  1. Ruled? Duke Nukem still plays! Under the name DNF they recently put out a new 7" as well!