Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Final Truth - Barriers

Genre: Metal/Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. Intro
2. Defined
3. Release
4. 1/31/11
5. Betrayed
6. Waiting. Wondering
7. Reality Check
8. T.S.H.
9. Take What's Yours
10. This Mess Is A Place
11. Black Hearted

Another submission we received. This is more in the vein of bands similar to The Ghost Inside. Definitely a solid album. It's metalcore with a pretty heavy emphasis on certain hardcore elements. The instrumentation is great and the vocals are solid. The drumming is outstanding; the drummer has great endurance and technical prowess. Check it out!
-Tanner Caruthers

For fans of: The Ghost Inside, Counterparts, For The Fallen Dreams

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