Thursday, August 16, 2012

Orchid - Chaos Is Me

Genre: Screamo/Hardcore/Powerviolence
Year: 1999

1. Le Desorde C'est Moi
2. Aesthetic Diabetic
3. In G and E
4. New Jersey vs. Valhalla
5. Weekend at the Fire Academy
6. Framecode
7. The Action Index
8. Death of a Modernist
9. Boy with No Arms
10. Invasion U.S.A.
11. Epilogue of a Car Crash

One of the biggest screamo bands to come out of that scene. In my opinion this is my favorite release from them. This album is just so god damn good. Its just genius. Its probably not the most approachable band from the genre but please do give this one a change. I think even people who listen to hardcore could give this a chance because it gets pretty god damn fast when it has its powerviolence parts. Be my best friend and listen to more screamo please? -Jacob Rice



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