Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Obituary - Cause Of Death

Genre: Death Metal
Year: 1990

1. Infected
2. Body Bag
3. Chopped In Half
4. Circle Of The Tyrants
5. Dying
6. Find The Arise
7. Cause Of Death
8. Memories Remain
9. Turned Inside Out
10. Infected (Demo)
11. Memories Remain (Demo)
12. Chopped In Half (Demo)

The more I listen to this album, the better it gets. This is for sure my favorite Obituary release, and it's top notch for sure. It's so groovy. You can definitely hear a lot of hardcore influence in this album, and you can see how a lot of hardcore bands have been influenced by it. Just do yourself the favor and download this. I will most likely be putting the rest of their releases up soon, as well. -Tanner

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