Sunday, March 25, 2012



Well, forgive me if this is poorly-worded or anything, this is my first review. This will be just an overall, straight to the point and personal writing on the new Unsane record, "Wreck".

Unsane starts the CD off with the track "Rat", a song title that I like alot, not because I can relate to the lyrics or anything, I just tend to prefer song titles that are straight and to the point, (all of the song titles on WRECK are one-word or very short, which sets them aside from alot of bands in the Metal genre). I haven't heard any previous material from the band, but from what I hear on WRECK, I'm getting a Stoner Rock meets the mild side of Neurosis, which is pretty rad.

They cap off WRECK with the track, "Ha ha ha" which is a cover by Flipper!

-Quentin Biggs

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