Saturday, March 24, 2012

Earthquake Split - World Of Pain/Xibalba/Ruckus

Genre: Hardcore/Hardstyle
Year: 2010

1. Suffer (World Of Pain)
2. Buried In Sin (World Of Pain)
3. Dead Inside (World Of Pain)
4. End Result (World Of Pain)
5. Cold (Xibalba)
6. Spanish Harlem (Xibalba)
7. Cursed (Xibalba)
8. Salvation (Xibalba)
9. Gallows (Ruckus)
10. Domesticated (Ruckus)
11. Below My Law (Ruckus)
12. Apocalypse Never (Ruckus)

Still a regular listen for me. It's pretty much 3 EPs combined into one monstrous split. Heavy as fuck and incredibly well written. Every track has something to offer, as well. Get into it. 
-Tanner Caruthers

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